Lush CBD Baths

Why CannaBiDiol Bath is the best way to wind down from all the holidayze craze!

As you know already, taking a bath is super therapeutic as it promotes healing, relaxation and restoration to the mind body and soul.

Soaking in a hot CBD bath will expose the entire body and resulting in more systemic effects. The heat causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, enhancing fast CBD absorption into the bloodstream through the pores. And as an anti-inflammatory, CBD works wonders on the body as it helps decompress, ease pain and inflammation, soothe aggravated skin conditions, and promote *full-body* relaxation for a good night's sleep!

CBD bath is for anyone who is having a really long day, just finished an intense workout, or even simply needing a self-love time to refill.

If you have any questions or want to know more about CBD, drop a comment below ⬇️ or shoot me a DM 📥 discover for yourself why CBD is for you!

Sending California love,
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Ps, and always #HappyHealing my friends.

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