Lisas Dharma Conscious By Design

LisasDharma is a certified ganja yoga teacher, reiki level 1 energy practitioner, and the owner & founder of NhanPharm, a womxn-owned CBD company based out of Orange County.

Lisas views yoga as the healer inside all of us, and the yoga practice as a tool for awakening our inner G. Her self-loving journey towards stepping into her full-knowing & highest power are the reasons why Lisas fell in love with yoga as it healed her mind and body on a soul level, a little more each time she returns to her practice.

Lisas highly enjoys the physical asanas and practices mostly heart openers; however, yoga is not about bending over backwards or perfecting those asanas. Rather the real magick of yoga is self-exploration within the mind and body through pranayama & intentional movements. Her healing journey taught her to be patient with herself, appreciate the magnitude her body can achieve, and embrace her light and her shadow as she grew accustom with tuning inward & connecting with her inner glow.

Because who we are on-the-mat carries over to who we are off-the-mat, healing is a lifestyle. From her own experience and open-hearted perspective, Lisas offers her guidance and support to help others find the healer within themselves and to fully embrace their highest source of power, their inner G.

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