#NHANPharm by a #Feminhan #NhanBae

NHANPHARM™ (pronounced: /ˌnänˈfärm) is a natural plant-based alternative to over-the-counter prescription pharmaceuticals in beauty health and wellness lifestyles.

NHANPHARM™ highly believes in plant medicine as a powerful alchemist approach to healing the physical body and mental health. Literally SOul profound, the endocannabinoid system bridges the human body with the psychic mind, which is critical to understand  how overall brain activity strongly connects to mental wellness, physical health and dis-eases.

NHANPHARM™ offers phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil products that are especially reiki-activated and crystal-charged for the purest balancing and harmonizing intentions for healing the mind, body and soul.

NHANPHARM™ seeks to help those who suffer from chronic pain and aches, anxieties, low energy and mental health; but without the psychoactive high.

NHANPHARM™ practices complete transparency, so all products are derived from whole hemp-flower plants that are organically grown in Oregon and manufactured at an FDA registered facility. The Broad Spectrum hemp oil is extracted via safe proprietary methods of using super critical Co2, and then tested by a third-party laboratory with current Certificate of Analysis.



NHANPHARM™ was founded by California-grown Healer #NhanBae who started combining plant medicine and yoga in 2015 to heal the emotional self, recharge the physical body, and mostly to connect with the inward source of energy, the inner G.

Happy Healing Lovebuggs. Always sending you consciousness. Xx, NhanBae